Creating an iTunes BACKUP for retrieval in iExplorer

Here are the instructions for creating a Backup of your iPad, retrieving the file from iTunes using iExplorer and send the resulting file to support.


Create a Backup of your iPad.

1.  Connect you iPad to your computer.

2.  Open iTunes on your computer

3.  Tap the iPad icon in the upper left to show your iPad information.


4.  Scroll down to the Backups Section.

5.  If 'Encrypt local backup' is turned on, turn it off.  Backup should start automatically as soon as the option is deselected.

6.  If 'Encrypt local backup' is already deselected then click on 'Back Up Now' to begin backing up your iPad.


Once the Backup is complete,  download and install iExplorer onto your computer.  The application can be downloaded here.  It is available for both Windows and Mac.

7.  No need to purchase Explorer, just select the Demo.


8.  From the menu on the left side of the screen click  'Browse iTunes Backups' to expand the menu.

9.  Click the small gray arrow next to your iPad to expand the menu.


10.  Click on 'Backup Explorer'


11.  Scroll down to the VB-MAPP App

12.  Click on the gray arrow to expand the VB-MAPP menu


12.  Click the gray arrow next to 'Library'


13.  Click on the gray arrow next to 'Application Support'.


14.  Right click on 'VB-MAPP' and select 'Export to Folder'.

15.  Save the file to your desktop.


16.  Go to your desktop and right click on the folder and select "Compress".

17. Attach the resulting .zip file to an email and send to with your support # in the subject line.


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